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Deconstruction and Faith

In May I had the privilege of being published in Fathom again as part of their Rethink issue. "Can I Keep a Deconstructed Faith?" was inspired by a tweet that gained a lot of traction (by my standards, anyway).

After watching so many people around me either rest in complete confidence of the values they were raised in or completely abandon any semblance of their childhood faith, I wasn't sure where I fit in. I have been re-evaluating a lot of the assumptions I had around my faith throughout the years, but I still find myself holding to fairly traditional, orthodox theology. I thought I was the only one. But I wasn't.

My essay resonated with the editors of Fathom so well that they chose it to be the featured article for the issue. I feel very humbled and honored to be part of this.

If you read this essay and feel a sense of familiarity, or if you read it and find yourself worried or even upset over the idea of deconstruction, I highly recommend the book After Doubt by A. J. Swodoba. I just finished listening to the audiobook, and I found it incredibly helpful for both understanding why we go through seasons of deconstruction and where to go with them. Check it out from your library or purchase a copy from your local bookstore.

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