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2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

What do you get for your beloved solitary writer?

Writers are often known for being introverts. Even if your writer is more outgoing than the stereotype, the career is being practiced at home now more than ever. So let’s take a look at some ideas that might make your giftee’s life a little more enjoyable.

Commit to Lit Face Mask

How could your writer not wear a face mask when it looks like the handwritten pages of a Jane Austen novel? I personally have owned this mask for a few months, and it’s held up well and proven to be one of the more comfortable options for staying safe during the pandemic. In fact, my husband borrows it often enough that I’m considering buying extra.

Virtual Courses, Conferences, or Readings

Sure, seeing your favorite author live is great. But what about seeing your favorite author while drinking from your favorite mug by the fireplace with your cat purring on your lap?

Many conferences and events are going virtual this year, and still more are offering online options in addition to in-person tickets. For instance, Seattle Arts & Lectures is offering an online subscription to their fantastic lineup, which includes speakers such as Bill Bryson and Ibram X. Kendi. These opportunities are making the literary world a more accessible culture, which is great news for everyone.

Do you have a writer who is looking for more ways to build his or her skill set? Perhaps online writing courses might be an even better gift idea. Seattle’s Hugo House offers classes in poetry, creative nonfiction, and fiction. MasterClass gives subscribers the chance to take courses in different fields, and they’re usually taught by big names in different industries (think Malcolm Gladwell and Howard Schultz). Subscription

Do you want to support your writer’s audiobook habit and independent bookstores at the same time? Check out, a service that allows subscribers to buy audiobooks through local bookstores for almost the same price as the Amazon competitor. Gift memberships can be purchased for one, three, six, or twelve months.

Newspaper, Magazine, or Journal Subscriptions

Everyone hates running into paywalls on news websites. Writers know that supporting other writers is important, even if they can’t always afford to. Consider buying a gift subscription to your writer’s favorite news source, literary journal, or magazine.

For great journalism, you might try The Atlantic or The New York Times. For your literary-minded reader, consider The Sun or New England Review. You may even choose Poets & Writers if your loved one is trying to enter the publishing world.

If you’re still not sure which media outlet to fund, watch the links your writer posts on social media. See if a certain title appears over and over again, then check out their subscription options.

Out-of-the-Ordinary Streaming Services

Many writers find inspiration from quality television shows and movies. Studying a well-crafted story can show you how to create one yourself. That’s why the writer in your life might appreciate a subscription to a streaming service to spark creativity during the dark winter months.

Is your loved one already bored with the trifecta of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime? Think outside the box. For instance, Acorn TV offers shows from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, and Mexico (including a lot of murder mysteries). PBS Passport allows viewers to binge-watch everything from Downton Abbey to NOVA while supporting public broadcasting.

Show Your Love and Appreciation

Writing can be a very solitary habit. And as much as writers like to talk about their introversion, they do still want love and support from those they care about. Whether you choose one of the gifts above or simply give a letter of appreciation and love, don’t forget to show your writer how much you care this holiday season.


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