• Hannah

Six Tips for Proofreading Your Final Copy

You’ve spent months editing your written work. Your friends and colleagues gave feedback, you revised, you found a designer, and you’re confident in the quality of your product. You’re ready to publish.

Once you do a final proofread, that is.

The first round of editing caught big-picture issues: consistency in tone and perspective, plot holes, issues in argument logic, etc. The next round (or rounds) of editing caught significant errors in spelling, grammar, and wording—the things that would make an average reader stumble. But the final round of editing, proofreading, will now catch all the small errors your earlier edits missed and your final formatting may have introduced.

You’ve come this far. Honor your hard work by doing a final proofread. Follow these tips, and your work will be perfectly polished and ready for your readers.

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