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Unpacking CMOS: British vs. American Style

Blame Downton Abbey, Kate Middleton’s beautiful wedding, or the fact that we owe over 1,700 English words to Shakespeare. Anglophilia (or love of all things English) is alive and well in much of the United States. And I understand. After all, I always loved Jane Austen more than Mark Twain.

But an affinity for the British isn’t so great when it comes to American writing.

The British Problem

One of the most common mistakes I find when editing is the accidental use of British spelling or grammar. Many know that the British tend to use more vowels in their words (color vs. colour), but they might not recognize that the British also have different ways of using punctuation. And if you’re in the United States, using British grammar can make your writing look unprofessional.

Let’s take a look at some of the differences between American and British grammar, as explained by The Chicago Manual of Style

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