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Being a Writer on the Internet

If you’ve been a writer in the past decade, you probably know that you should have a website. And you probably know that just as you don’t want a bad cover on your first published novel, you don’t want a website that says you’re unprofessional. Even if you don’t have a website or social media accounts and you’re happy with your career at the moment, you may want to consider your audience and how it will change in the coming years.

There’s a reason why Flannery O’Connor became good friends with her agent: marketing ourselves as writers has never been easy. Now, as our world becomes increasingly connected to the internet, we have the possibility of self-promotion in the online sphere. More and more, publishers, reviewers, and hirers will Google your name before deciding to publish your work or give you a job. They want to know that you will represent their brand well. A professional website will tell them you are trustworthy as well as allow you to curate the information they see.

Read more in the Spring 2019 issue of Soundings.

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